Friday, February 1, 2008

Local Rhythms

Part of the joy of living in a specific place is becoming attuned to the local rhythms: the seasons, the harvest, the activities. It is easy for "responsible" adults to ignore them, moving in the same patterns from home to work to grocery store all through the year; kids are a great help in reconnecting us to the natural rhythms. In Bozeman, we have fishing, hiking, rafting, camping, and barbecues in the summer; hunting and the potato harvest in the fall; ice skating and snowblowing the driveway in the winter.

But the rhythm that I am noticing this winter is the ski bus. Bridger Bowl is a local ski area, and it caters to local skiers with free ski buses on weekends and whenever the high school is closed. So every weekend morning there is decent snow (which, in the opinion of my two skiing sons, happens to be almost every weekend), I get up a little earlier than I might otherwise and drive them into town to meet the 8:30 bus to the ski hill. Then every afternoon, I go pick them up at 4:30. It sure beats driving them the 20-30 minutes (depending on the roads and the traffic) to the hill! And it marks these months out as Ski Season, special and different from all the other seasons in the year.

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