Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow Storms

We are finally getting some good snow! We have well over a foot of dry, fluffy snow here; my kids are getting tired of moving it off driveways and decks everyday, even if it is light. I love the thick blanket of clean white snow on everything, particularly because I don't have to go anywhere today; the calm monochromatic grey and white is a welcome contrast to the exuberant green of June. The dogs enjoy playing in it, but are getting tired of the snowballs that cling to their paws and legs when they come inside. The robin is still showing up in the crabapple tree. The only problem is that my oldest son heads back to college today and is driving to Missoula on slick roads.

Bridger Bowl is having a banner weekend: they have nearly five feet of new snow in the last few days, and skiers are eager to enjoy it. Friday was a great powder day (20 inches of new snow in 24 hours), tickets were discounted, and the middle and high schools had a day off, so the hill was packed; by 11:00, the huge parking lot was closed. Over 4,300 skiers showed up that day, only 60 visits short of the all-time skier visit record. Lift lines, which are generally considered long at 10 minutes, were half an hour to get to the upper mountain; but many powder hounds thought it was worth waiting to get into patches of powder over their heads. Yesterday was busy too, after 19 inches of new snow in 24 hours; today the hill has 17 inches in 24 hours but it is cold, with temperatures on the mountain hovering around 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and quite a few skiers have decided that they have had enough powder for one weekend.

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