Sunday, December 30, 2007

Artichoke and Tomato Salad

I found gorgeous cherry tomatoes at the Co-op today (much to my surprise), which prompted me to make a salad I had been mulling over but figured would wait until next spring. I sauteed a bunch of the tomatoes, about a handful per person, in plenty of butter, with herbs de Provence and a little salt. When the first tomatoes started bursting, I gently smashed them all with a spatula so they would all burst evenly (and hopefully without splattering all over the kitchen), then sauteed them a bit longer, about 20 minutes total. While they were sauteeing, I made a salad of mixed greens with a red-wine-vinegar and oil dressing, same spicing as the tomatoes, divided them between the plates, then nestled artichoke bottoms on the greens. When the tomatoes were ready, I spooned them on the artichokes, along with the juice. It worked out really well.

I served it with pork chops (basic preparation) and individual goat cheese souffles from a Martha Stewart recipe (which I can't find on her website); the goat cheese I used was an aged one with some blue threads in it. It made a great combination.

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The Magpie said...

The goat cheese souffle recipe was from the December 2007 issue; maybe it will be on her website in a month of two.