Saturday, October 6, 2007

First Snow

Finally - snow! It started snowing this morning before dawn, and kept coming until we had 5" on the ground. My youngest son is excited because this means that he won the snow pool we had, for the first day of real snow; he guessed Oct 1. (Now I have to figure out what the prize is.) The snow will probably be mostly gone tomorrow, but the moisture is welcome; even after all the recent rain, we can use more.

The trees still have their leaves, so the branches are bent almost in two under the weight of the heavy, wet snow; the kids will need to go shake the branches to knock the snow off, gently so the branches don't break. Aside from tree branches, the snow won't cause many problems with the plants, which are well prepared for this. Even the tomatoes in pots on the patio will probably be fine, since it isn't very cold.

The real question is whether the college kids are ready for this - today is MSU's Homecoming, complete with parade and football game. It will be a cold, wet wait for candy thrown from the floats, so we will probably skip the parade, for the first time since we discovered this parade half a dozen years ago. The football field will have to be plowed before the game, so it will be a muddy game, but the real excitement may be in traffic before and after the game, when everyone tries to remember how to drive in snow.

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