Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Farmers' Mini-Market

I thought all the local Farmers' Markets ended in September, and I was really bummed because, what with well issues and taking a kid to college, I missed the last few. But last night, I discovered that they are not completely gone.

Camp Creek Farm sells veggies at the Farmers' Markets in the summer, but in the off season, Kathryn sends out a weekly email listing what she has available from her farm and from other local growers: home-made granola and porridge, breads, soaps, eggs, local organic potatoes, garlic, this week. I finally got organized enough to respond and pick something up, so this week, I went to Bogart Park between 5 and 5:30 - and discovered that half a dozen local farmers have set up for a half-hour market each week. Besides Camp Creek Farm, there were organic half-beefs to order, more eggs, home-made goat cheeses and mozzerella, and homemade crackers, plus a few other things I didn't see; sometimes there are apples, too. All local, all small-scale, all people I know (if only slightly) - and based on my sampling, all very tasty food. I picked up some eggs, splurged on goat cheeses, and ordered some crackers for next week. I felt like I'd stumbled on buried treasure, and I will definitely make the effort to get back there more often.

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